Suzhou topping the world’s largest industrial cities

Suzhou’s industry exceeds RMB 40k billion this year, topping the list of the world’s largest industrial cities.

Suzhou is an important industrial city in China, a national high-tech industrial base, China’s third-largest export city, and the second-largest central city in the Yangtze River Delta. On December 29, 2021, the official account of Suzhou City officially announced that Suzhou industry finally exceeded 400k billion RMB this year, and the scale also officially surpassed Shanghai and Shenzhen for the whole year, officially crowning it the world’s No. 1 industrial city. 2021 The first three quarters of Suzhou industrial-scale grew 20.5%, Shanghai grew 15.2%, and Shenzhen industrial added value grew 4.8%, as Suzhou industrial growth rate is much higher than Shanghai Shenzhen, the industrial-scale exceeded Shanghai, and this is the first time in recent years that Suzhou’s total industrial output value exceeded Shenzhen and Shanghai for the whole year.

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What is the concept of 4 trillion RMB? It is equivalent to 2 times of the industry of Beijing, the first industrial city in North China, twice of the industry of Guangzhou, the second-largest industrial city in South China, and more than 6 times of the industry of Xi’an. Suzhou has established a large, advanced and perfect industrial system for the motherland. Because of Suzhou’s large industrial system, advanced technology, and good economic foundation, the country has given Suzhou eight dividends this year, strongly supporting the development of Suzhou’s advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries.

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, Suzhou has been at the world-leading level in nanotechnology, biomedicine, high-end textile, U-Tech steel and communication technology, and at the top level in Asia in artificial intelligence, semiconductor manufacturing, blockchain and aviation manufacturing. Suzhou has 23 of the top 500 private manufacturing companies in the country, the second-largest number in the country, and has the largest number of top 100 advanced manufacturing parks in the country. It is worth mentioning that the number of newly listed companies on the science and technology board in 2021 is the first in the country, which shows how strong Suzhou’s technological strength is.

In the last decade, Suzhou has paid special attention to the development of advanced manufacturing, new industries and high technology, vigorously developing advanced manufacturing industries such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, and aviation manufacturing. Suzhou’s biomedical industry has been the first in the country for many years.

This year, the state also clearly supports the development of high-tech industries such as biomedicine, semiconductor manufacturing, artificial intelligence and blockchain in Suzhou.

The rise of Suzhou’s industry is an important symbol of the success of reform and opening up and an important symbol of China’s economic and industrial strength. You can consider find a industrial product supplier in Suzhou China.

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